Ally X to Ally battery Mod

This is an overview and guide on installing the Ally X battery into your ally. Please note this is an incomplete guide and is not ready. Testing still needs to be done to ensure the new BMC will work with the older Ally. Due to embargo we cannot confirm anything about the Ally X, including the battery weight, dimensions, capacity or any other information that didn’t directly come from Asus or its interview with The Verge. Please check back in after June 2nd for more information.


  • Tekgnome – Inventor/Project Lead, Tester
  • YesItsKira – Lead Designer (Donate Here)
  • DesignGears – Designer & Tester

Materials needed:

  • FDM or SLA printer
  • Phillips size 100 driver
  • Plastic pry tool
  • OEM Charger
  • Download the STL files (Not Available for public download yet)


  • You will need both printed back panel and printed modified paddles.
  • This shouldn’t void your warranty. You can contact customer service for better clarification based on your country, laws, and what’s allowed.
  • The Red “warranty void” sticker on the battery and heat pipe does not void your warranty provided you do not damage anything inside of the device and restore it to a factory original condition before the RMA
  • You will need to self-tap the screws into the printed part, FDM might require heat, SLA will require you to do this before you cure the part.
  • Be extremely careful when removing the back panel screws, paddle, and trigger screws as they can strip!


Installing the printed paddles into the printed shell

Installing the battery and printed pack panel

  • Remove back panel
  • Unplug the factory battery
  • Remove Factory 40Wh battery
  • Lay Ally X battery in place
  • Plug-in Ally battery cable into the Ally X battery
  • Test fit everything
  • Close the modified shell and put the screws back in
  • Plug in OEM charger and hold the power button until the screen turns on.
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